Rewards per Match = Base Value x ( (Goal x Goal Ratio) + (Pass x Pass Ratio) +(Shot x Shot Ratio) x (Dribbles x Dribbles Ratio) + (Assist x Assist Ratio) +(Minutes x Minutes Ratio))

For our platform, we have set the base value as 2 SBT (Star Balls Tokens). The ratios for each action are as follows:

Goal Ratio: 1,400 Pass Ratio: 35 Shot Ratio: 200 Dribbles Ratio: 220 Assist Ratio: 800 Minutes Ratio: 1

Using these ratios, the formula to calculate the rewards per match becomes:

Rewards per Match = 2 x ((Goal x 1,400) + (Pass x 35) + (Shot x 200) + (Dribbles x 220) + (Assist x 800) + (Minutes x 1))

Please note that this formula calculates the rewards based on the performance of each player in a match, considering the respective ratios for different actions. The rewards per match will vary depending on the specific values achieved by each player for their goals, passes, shots, dribbles, assists, and minutes played.

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