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Star Ball Token ($SBT)

SBT is the main in-app currency that can be earned as rewards from real player performances.
  • Real Performance: Earn SBT tokens based on your player's real performance in goals, passes, dribbles, assists, minutes played, and shots during live matches!
  • Activity: Participate in upcoming events (coming soon) to earn additional SBT.
  • Player Insurance: Add insurance coverage for your players.
  • Player Boosting: Boost your player's performance (coming soon).
  • Special Event/Tournament Tickets: Purchase tickets to join exclusive events and special tournaments. Contract Address : 0x16541b254aa8712a9a7394b408fd4996369c0bfe (BEP20)
  • The current circulating supply of Star Ball Token (SBT) is 30 million tokens. Additionally, there is a liquidity pool of 20 million tokens and 10 million tokens allocated for rewards.
    Please note that the circulating supply represents the number of tokens available for trading and does not include tokens that are locked, reserved, or held by the project team or other stakeholders.
Last modified 5mo ago