Card Type

Each type of card in EFS, including Common, Epic, Gold, and Unique, has the potential to earn tokens based on the real-world performance of the player on the card. However, the amount of tokens earned

⚪️ Common: These are the most common type of card in EFS, with a total of 700 available. They are relatively easy to acquire, and each one represents a real-world football player. Collecting and holding Common cards can help you earn tokens from the performance of the players they represent.

🟣 Epic: Epic cards are rarer than Commons, with only 250 available in total. They also represent real-world football players, but these players tend to be more highly valued and sought-after. Holding an Epic card can potentially earn you more tokens than a Common card.

🟡 Gold: Gold cards are even rarer than Epics, with only 50 available in total. These cards represent the best of the best in the football world, and holding one can potentially earn you a significant amount of tokens.

⚫️ Unique: Unique cards are the rarest and most valuable type of card in EFS, with only one available. This card represents a truly unique and exceptional player, and holding it could earn you an enormous amount of tokens.

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