Introducing our innovative Insurance NFT

How Does It Work?

With an Insurance NFT, you gain peace of mind for an entire month. If a player is unable to participate in a match or if the team doesn't have a scheduled game for a week, you won't miss out. Instead, you'll receive attractive weekly rewards, regardless of the circumstances.

Reward Tiers and Weekly Earnings

We offer different tiers of Insurance NFTs, each with its own set of rewards:

Common: Earn 8,500 SBT weekly Epic: Receive 23,500 SBT weekly Gold: Enjoy 82,500 SBT weekly Unique: Get an impressive 262,500 SBT every week Investing in Assurance

To secure your rewards for a full month, you can obtain a 4-week Insurance NFT at the following costs:

Common: 8,000 SBT Epic: 21,000 SBT Gold: 80,000 SBT Unique: 240,000 SBT Join the Future of Football and Earnings

Experience football like never before with our groundbreaking Insurance NFTs. Enjoy the excitement of the game while having the assurance that your investments and rewards are protected.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your EFS journey. For more details and to acquire your Insurance NFT, visit our platform at

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